Waterways News Gold Coast was developed with a simple goal in mind.

With 70% of this city’s residents living within 2km of canals and rivers, our most precious resource deserves in-depth coverage.

We aim to provide that. With three experienced and LOCAL editors on our team, we care for what you care about.

James Laidler
James Laidler

A regular contributor to Waterways News Gold Coast, James has lived on the Gold Coast his whole life and loves to get out on the waterways of the Gold Coast and sail, fish and surf. In addition to that he is an experienced journalist who is dedicated to bringing news about our waterways to the people of the Gold Coast.

Tom Mann

Born and Bred Gold Coaster, Tom has a passion for all things adventure. Whether he’s seeking the next story or the next big fish, he’ll always be thinking about heading out for a swim at Burleigh Beach. It’s his personal goal to bring information to a community that’s given him this lifestyle and that’s why he’s joined Waterways News Gold Coast.

Paul EyersEyers

A foundation member of the Waterways News Gold Coast team whose past expertise living alongside and working upon waterway systems across the UK and South East Asia provide a global knowledge and experienced perspective to local waterway news.

Paul’s initial article is currently nominated for the national ‘Ossie Awards’.


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